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lebayle mouth pieces

Navarro mouth pieces

  1. The Hidden Side (Parco della Musica Records/2016)
  2. The Golden Circle (Via Veneto Jazz/2015)
  3. Images (Dreyfus/BMG 2013)
  4. Lennie's pennies (Dreyfus Jazz 2010)
  5. Anything else (Dreyfus Jazz 2007)
  6. More than ever (Dreyfus Jazz 2004)
  7. Mr. Dodo (Dreyfus Jazz 2002)
  8. Luggage (Dreyfus Jazz 2001)
  9. Jazz Italiano Live 2007 (Palaexpo)
  10. Tension (Scema Records)
  11. Duets for Trane (Philology)
  12. Connotazione Blue (Philology)
  13. Flashing lights (Philology)
  14. Live from Virginia Ranch (Philology)


1. Trio Ostiko (Via Veneto)
2. Enrico Pieranunzi-Jazz Italiano Live 2006 (Palaexpo)
3. Enrico Pieranunzi-Les Amants (Egea)
4. Enrico Pieranunzi-One lone star (YVP)
5. Enrico Pieranunzi-Evans remembered (Via Veneto)
6. Guy Barker-Soundtrack (provocateur Records)
7. Guy Barker-The Amedeus project (Global Mix)
8. Nicola Conte-Other directions (Blue Note)
9. Modal Jazz loves Disney (Walt Disney Records)
10. Phil Woods-Dameronia (Philology)
11. Fabrizio Bosso-Fast flight (Red Records)
12. Salvatore Bonafede-Ortodoxa (Red Records)
13. Pippo Matino-Third (Wide sound)
14. Giorgia-Strano il mio destino (Coccinella)
15. Giorgia-Mangio troppa cioccolata (BMG)
16. Schema sextet-Look out (Schema Records)
17. Claudio Colasazza-Passion (YVP)
18. Six Sax-Homenaje (Via Veneto)
19. Susanna Stivali-A Secret Place (Alfa Music)
20. Christophe & Tony Raymond (Lontano)
21. Kekko Fornarelli-A French Man in New York (Wide Sound)
22. Gerardo Iacovucci-Great News from Italy (YVP)






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